Traveling On A Budget: Basic Tips

Discount Travel Getting away is always enjoyable, whether it’s a weekend in the city or several months backpacking through the Himalayas. Many people don’t take time away from work and head abroad because of the cost to do so but the truth is that the price tag doesn’t always have to be a limiting factor.

By making a few basic changes prior to departure, carrying out thorough research and being smart while you’re away, it is possible to take the holiday of a lifetime for a surprisingly small cost. Here, are some basic tips for budget travel:

Don’t underestimate the power of research

When you’re considering going abroad, one thing you need to be aware of is the great flexibility and fluctuation that exists in the pricing realm. Price tags can inflate and deflate on a daily basis, not to mention between different providers. Only by checking across the web on a regular basis will you be able to secure the best deal for your dream trip.

Before you even consider sourcing the best deal, use the internet as the powerful tool that it is to help decide on a location. Every highly priced resort has a less well known, equally stunning and quieter sibling a few miles down the road. Taking the time to unearth secrets like these is the trick to travelling on a shoestring.

Don’t overlook insurance

Often those who travel on a budget are keen to shun every possible cost. In the long term, this isn’t always the best solution and one of the best examples of an area worth investing in is insurance.

Rather than skipping insurance altogether, it is well worth keeping up to date with the latest news from professionals like Lloyds to ensure that you get the best deal for the cover that you need. Sort out insurance nice and early to put your mind at ease and your finances in perspective.

Think carefully about the economy

Leaving the shores of your home country, the chances are that you’re entering a different currency zone. Entering a new economy and exchanging currencies is a point at which your journey could see its price tag change dramatically. Whether the change works in your direction will be up to your research. Look around to see where your currency will go the furthest and look for destinations according to your findings.

Consider self-catering

One of the biggest expenses on holiday is often the food we eat; far better to shop at the local market, allowing you to experience fresh and local produce at a fraction of the cost of the nearby restaurants and tourist traps. It’s worth learning a bit of the local language to be sure that you get exactly what you’re after but self-catering is certainly a money saving option you should consider.

Saving money by catering for your self can free up money to spend on the accommodation or even the flights. While you’re thinking about all the money you’ve saved, you could be eating a freshly cooked meal in the luxury of your new surroundings – a picture of holiday bliss if ever there was one.


What are some of your best money-saving tips for travel?

Photo credit: Drew Coffman

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