5 Tips on Protecting Your Home from Burglary

It’s a sad fact that burglaries can happen to anyone. Regardless of factors like our cities and neighborhoods, whether urban or rural, break-ins are a common concern among homeowners of all types. Indeed, in the United States, burglaries occur nearly every 15 seconds!

While some areas have higher rates of property crime than others, safety is should be a top priority, no matter your location. Thankfully, there are measures we can take in protecting our homes, our families and our belongings.

Keep reading for five tips on making your home and property less vulnerable to burglaries. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Investing in a Security System

I happen to live in Indianapolis. And though it may not be a major city, it is not one without its share of property crime. In fact, in 2010, of over 46,000 property crimes reported city-wide, nearly one-third were burglaries. While that statistic, alone, is enough to frighten anyone, a home security system can provide a significant amount of protection and peace of mind.

ADT security systems, for example, provide features like siren sounders in the event of a break-in or fire, motion sensor alarms, wireless sensors for doors and windows, and an easy-to-operate digital touchpad. When it’s all said and done, the very best way to deter burglars is through protecting your home with a top-of-the-line security system.

2. Securing Belongings

By securing your belongings, you can discourage burglars and petty thieves, so be sure to keep your outdoor space free of valuable items. For example, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. should be locked away in a garage, or at least kept hidden from sight.  Also, if you happen to buy electronics, tools or other costly items, be sure to tear up the box and place it in a trash bag, as opposed to just setting it out by the curb.

When it comes to outdoor space, keeping your yard well-lit can discourage burglars, as can properly maintaining greenery; since dark places and unruly shrubbery can serve as a hiding place for burglars, be sure to keep things bright and neat.

3. Thinking Like a Burglar

In order to properly secure your home, try thinking like a burglar. Take a stroll down your block and pay special attention to your property. Are there valuable items in sight? Is the interior of your house visible from the street? If so, can you spot electronics, works of art or other items that may pique a burglar’s interest? Would curtains or blinds help in concealing your belongings?

Further, can you identify any weak spots in your home’s security? Are there open gates or windows? A garage door that’s always open? Make a note of these and other factors, then get busy solving the problems you encounter.

4. Giving Burglars the Fake-Out

Although home burglaries can occur when the occupants are home, most take place when homeowners are away. Therefore, creating the illusion of being home, even when you’re away, can deter burglars and prevent break-ins.

Do this by investing in timers for your indoor and outdoor lights, as well as by leaving televisions and stereos on when you’re gone. If you plan on being away from home for more than a day or two, ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers and other deliveries.

5. Form a Neighborhood Watch Group

Several sets of eyes are always better than one. And when it comes to preventing burglaries and other crimes, a neighborhood watch group can enhance safety for your family and neighbors, alike. If your neighborhood already has a watch program, sign up and help out; if not, talk to your neighbors and brainstorm ideas on keeping your neighborhood safe.

Since areas with watch programs report far fewer crimes than those without, forming a group can be an effective tool in preventing crime in your neighborhood.

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