How to Build Your Own House

How to Build Your Own House A few weeks ago, while I was at the closing for my new house, I was elated to become a homeowner for the second time. As visions of paint colors and fabric swatches danced through my head (I’d already taken care of the financial pieces so I gave myself a free ticket to indulge my inner HGTV diva), I had a fleeting thought of how much fun it would be to build my own house from scratch someday.

I’ve seen countless shows about designing the rooms in your home from scratch, so why not take it a few steps further and actually build your own house??

If you’re like me and are toying with the idea of setting this as a potential future goal, there are a lot of considerations to take into account before a single nail is driven.

Build Your Own House: Design

Design is paramount when building your own house. Besides financial considerations, it’s one of the most important factors to deliberate. From the materials you’ll use to the type of home you’ll build, choosing a design for your new home that is functional and affordable is key.

There is also the element of style as well as choosing the layout and various components such as lighting, windows and doors, and other fixtures. It can be a bit overwhelming so one idea to help mitigate the stress of making all those choices is to refer to other successful designs that pique your interest. You can find some first home designs here.

Build Your Own House: Budget

As you make your design choices, you need to ensure they fit into your budget. While the budget to build your own home can vary wildly, it’s a good rule of thumb to identify your maximum dollar figure that can be spent far before any materials are purchased or help is hired.

If you’re hesitant to build your own house because of cost, take comfort in knowing there’s a whole movement geared towards minimizing home design and building expenses. From salvaging materials to bartering for labor, it is possible to build your dream home for less than $35,000!

Build Your Own House: Organization

When taking on such a large project such as building your own home, it’s imperative to stay as organized as possible. Whatever your organization style is, develop a plan and stick with it.

If I were to build my next house from scratch, I’d most likely keep a notebook and binder (yeah, I’m a bit old school!) which would house all of my design ideas (photos of features I like in other homes, photos of open houses in my desired area, my must-haves and wish lists, and all of the facts, figures, quotes, and contact information for the various contractors, suppliers, and helpers I’d enlist.

What are your thoughts on the idea of building your own home?



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