Rock Climbing in Acadia

Rock climbing on the cliffs in Acadia where Shutter Island was filmed!

Hello, My name is Jen and I’m a reformed spendaholic….

I’m also a(n):

  • Out of the box thinker
  • Freelancer (I quit the 9-5 forever)
  • DIY enthusiast
  • Lover of nature
  • Mac & cheese connoisseur
  • Curbside Diva
  • Ultra marathoner (One 50-miler and 36 regular marathons so far)
  • Adventure seeker
  • Bargain hunter
  • Funny noise maker
  • World traveler (31 countries and counting)
  • Rose smeller
  • Day dreamer


Who is the Happy Homeowner?

Camel Ride in Abu Dhabi

Taking a camel ride in Abu Dhabi

My journey to home ownership began quite some time ago.  Rewind 10 years and you’d find a broke, naive college graduate struggling to figure out the “real” world, student loan repayment, and a mountain of consumer debt ($14,000 to be exact).

While it has always been my goal to be a fiscally responsible, home-owning citizen, I found myself off track and quite discouraged.  Who was I?  Who did I want to be?  How should I live my life?

In 2010, I bought my first property and crossed an item off my bucket list: To own my first place before the age of 30. Fast-forward three years, and I sold the property for $30K over asking thanks to my DIY rehabs (it was a foreclosure) and some luck with the Boston real estate market.

I don’t currently “own” a home, but I believe that homeownership can extend far beyond a mortgage payment. I plan to purchase another property sooner than later, but I am taking my time to figure out where that will be and what type of house I want to buy. For now, that chunk of hard-earned change is sitting pretty, earning interest and giving me some much-needed and hard-earned financial peace of mind.

What is this blog all about?

Born out of a desire to hold myself accountable with my finances, I began The Happy Homeowner as a way to chronicle my struggles and triumphs with money.

The North Face Endurance Challenge Ultra Marathon

A pit stop during my first 50-mile ultramarathon

What once began as a hobby has now grown into a network of support and inspiration from amazing, kick-ass bloggers and (I hope) a wealth of inspiration for those who may be struggling with their own financial issues. Although I’m Boston based, I write for a global audience.

While my blog had its original roots in all things personal finance, I decided to branch out in an effort to inspire others in a broader way. Now, you’ll find more information about my passions, interests, and random musings including DIY projects (that won’t bust your wallet or leave you in tears–ain’t nobody a fan of Pinterest Fails), fitness, and various creative pursuits. Above all, my mission is to inspire other to live a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle that’s also financially sound.

I want to know more!

In that case, check out the following:


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