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adjective.   hap·py.      \ˈha-pē\

: feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.

: showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment

: pleased or glad about a particular situation, event, etc.

Our mission is to inspire you to live a healthy, balanced life one cent at a time.


noun.   ˈhōmˌōnər/

:  one that owns a home


While not everyone who visits here will be a homeowner, we bet that most everyone has an interest in adding more happiness to their life. Whether through running a marathon, tackling a DIY bathroom renovation, or simply learning how to keep a gratitude journal, there are thousands of ways to interject some happy into your day-to-day life.

Obviously, we know  all days aren’t filled with sunshine and roses so we will continue to share the good, the bad, and the ugly from our own personal experiences. The Pinterest Fails, the budget blowouts, and the training plans abandoned, we’ll have it all. So sit back, kick up your feet, and enjoy that cup of tea (or flute of mimosa!) as you browse both the current articles and archives of this site. We hope you’ll find something worth trying, saving, and sharing.

Who are You People?

Alex: The Debt-Laden Wanderlust

Hi, I’m Alex. I have an insatiable desire to see as much of the world as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t (yet) have the means or opportunities to do as much as I’d like, but I do have a knack for affordable, international travel.

On the flipside, I’m sort of drowning in credit card debt. While not all of it has been racked up through travels, it’s not something I want hanging over my head as I enter the next decade of my life (the big, bad 30s…whoop, whoop!). I’ll be documenting my travels and my debt-payoff plans in addition to my professional pursuits.

Noah: The BMW-driving DIY Enthusiast

I’m Noah, and I love a good sports car. I’m also an avid DIYer who loves a good construction or home improvement challenge. I’m currently flipping my fifth house, so I’ll be sharing plenty about homeownership. I’ll also be adding to the BMW and car-related posts already on this site.

Mark: The Marathoning Monster

Hi everyone, I’m Mark, and I’m a seasoned ultra-marathoner. From the regular 26.2 to the 100-mile madness of Badwater, I’ve been around the endurance running block a few times.

I’m looking forward to sharing my fitness and running stories, general wellness tips, and more content surrounding the central theme of this site, living a healthy, balanced life one cent at a time.

I want to know more!

In that case, email us at TheHappyHomeownerTeam@gmail.com for more as well as all press, content, and advertising opportunities.


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