Miscellaneous Updates: 7/2/12

Albert Einstein Motivational Quote They say that time flies when you’re having fun and I’d have to agree 100% given how well my first week of work went. The only downside is a severe lack of balance with blogging and other responsibilities but I think this temporary phase is worth the extra effort to figure out a new way to make it all fit.

The new job can be summed up in three words: intense, fun, and exhilarating. While I know it’s only been one week and that eventually the “honeymoon phase” will subside, I’m confident that this new opportunity was definitely the best choice for me. That being said, I’m amazed when I finally look at the clock and notice that I’ve been working away for 9-10+hours! I definitely need to work on leaving at a reasonable hour…

So far, so good. I’m looking forward to having a  great net worth update this month as well as getting back on track with my 2012 goals. Some extra money has recently been flowing in from blogging and it will be nice to throw it at some of my neglected goals such as buying a sweet camera in time for my Kilimanjaro trek.

Marathon Training:
Chicago training is in full swing right now. I’ve been balancing my mileage with plenty of stretching & foam rolling, but I need to be more consistent with my ab and core work. Of course this will be easy given the free gym that’s available in my company’s building. The silver lining of my longer hours in the building is that 1.5 of those hours have actually been spent working out! :)

I typically refrain from apologizing & making excuses for my lack of blogging efforts, but I have to throw it out that my commenting/linking/tweeting has been sorely lacking given my new work transition. I fully intend to have this be a temporary fluke, so please know that I’ll be stalking visiting all of you again very soon…


What’s going on in your life?

Photo credit: la melodie

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