To Roommate…Or Not to Roommate…

Room for Rent …that is the question I’m currently struggling with.

Currently, I have a roommate. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about not having one sooner than later….In an effort to make a fully informed decision, I’m going to lay it all out here and seek your advice:

**Update: My current roommate is definitely moving out by Sept. 1st. Now the question is whether or not to roll the dice on another random roommate or enjoy my personal space (and peace & quiet) for a while**

Pros of having a roommate:

  • The $$ he/she pays makes up more than half of my mortgage payment (including property taxes, which are insane anywhere near Boston)
  • It’s sometimes nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of during a random week night
  • The company and bonding opportunities can seldom be replaced

Cons of having a roommate:

  • Dealing with random quirks: My current roomie runs the A/C on full blast because she “doesn’t want to mess up her hair”–all the while wearing flannel, long-sleeved pajamas…in June :P
  • I love to clean, therefore I am the only one who cleans the entire place, which can get pretty tiring given my new work demands.
  • I’d love to have an office space given the amazing flexibility at my new job (after my 90 day review, I have the option to work from home periodically; in order to do so, I need a space I’m comfortable with at home!)
  • I (thankfully) don’t truly need the $$ to still live, save, and invest


Given all that I’ve stated here (and then some), what are your thoughts?

To roommate or not to roommate? What would you do?

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