Confessions of a PF Blogger: A Second Chance

Confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger It’s been a while since my last installment of CoPFB and with all of my recent life changes in the works, it’s high-time I continue with my series as the next piece reflects a monumental shift in my life…at that time, the second of sorts that would inevitably be the building blocks for the financial life I now lead.

When I last left off, I shared my story about becoming homeless, penniless, and mostly direction-less.

All of that changed one fateful day when I made my weekly trek to my P.O. box.

The Best Mail Ever

A habit I’d begrudgingly established out of sheer necessity to keep my credit score intact, I hated picking up my mail. There were days when all I wanted to do was drop the stack straight into the recycling bin because I knew the letters and envelopes I held possessed nothing but further bad news for my financial health.

But as luck would have it, that day would change everything in a greatly positive way.

As I weeded through the stacks of “pay us now” credit card bills and junk mail (ironically, you can still be solicited to open more credit even when you don’t have a full-time job and your current credit cards are nearly maxed out!), I came across a standard-sized envelope with a logo I’d recognized from some of the interviews I’d had while visiting schools in Boston. Immediately, my heart sank as I thought this no doubt had to be a rejection letter for the live-in position I’d applied for a few weeks prior.

You see, even when all hell was breaking loose with my financial situation, I still managed to keep my professional and educational pursuits on the straight & narrow. While I was visiting Boston to conduct my grad school interviews, I had applied for a part-time job that provided all living expenses.

I’m Moving to Boston….Now

Apparently, I should have thought differently. In my hand, I was holding an offer letter for the job stating I needed to move to Boston…in less than 1 week.

Let’s just say the phrase “flood of adrenaline” doesn’t come close to describing how I felt as I literally sprinted out of the Post Office, ran the 6 blocks to my friend’s apartment, and burst through the front door breathless all the while screaming, “I’m going to Boston!!!”

Me, My Debt, and One Long Road Trip

A long story short, I packed up my car and promptly moved myself–along with $14,000 in credit card debt–across the country to Boston within a week.

More than the beginning of my graduate studies, this was a second chance at getting ALL of the pieces of my life together (And as can be guessed from my other posts about grad school, I was on my way to begin studies at Harvard–who would have thought a strawberry-picking country bumpkin would end up studying at an Ivy League school??). :)

As I drove along in my car (the gas for which I charged on my credit card), I couldn’t help but think that amazing things were in store for me and that no matter what life threw my way, my hard work, determination, and positive outlook would always win out in the end…..


This post is part of my Confessions of a PF Blogger series.  Other posts include:


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