Confessions of a PF Blogger: $1 to My Name

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Confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger It’s been a while since I’ve posted in my Confessions of a PF Blogger series.In the last installment, I alluded to a challenging personal situation that led to my eventual financial demise.

As I was contemplating whether or not to continue these posts, I realized the entire point of creating this series was to share my financial experiences, no matter how wild, sad, silly or serious they may be.No matter how I slice it, all of these stories help form who I am in addition to laying the foundation of my rocky financial journey. So awkward moments of comment cricket-chirping aside, it’s time to bring these posts back to life.

When Spending Sprees were the Norm

For a while, I continued along in some sort of haze. While the emotional pieces eventually fell back into place, I found myself becoming quite accustomed to my new spending sprees as well as the type of life they brought with them–even if it was only an illusion of a life that I thought I wanted.

I began to think of myself as a hard-working person who “deserved” to have new things, expensive dinner tabs, vacations, etc. Despite my aptitude for clearance sale navigation and affinity for bargain-store pricing, I still managed to spend an exceeding amount of money on needless things such as clothes and shoes.

Queen of the Shredder; Princess of Interest

I also developed an aptitude for shirking financial responsibility–I was the Queen of the Shredder, the Princess of Interest. I charged and charged and charged some more. I began playing balance transfer roulette when I started to have a hard time paying the minimum payments on my sizable credit balances.

I also applied for new cards like a child tears through a Halloween candy stash–I was out of control and nobody knew the difference because I lived on my own, made my own money, and “paid” my own bills.

That was until I gave my notice at work because I was moving to Boston for grad school in a few months. I gave one full month’s notice but it was cut short by three weeks by my employer. So there I was with three weeks less pay than I’d counted on: penniless, in a mountain of credit card debt and the rent was due in one week.

$1 to My Name

As I packed up my things in my office, I realized that I wouldn’t have enough money to pay my rent. After I put my things in my car and drove my final drive out of the parking garage, I went to the ATM to check my account balances:  I had $27.32 in my account and my electric bill was set to pull, which was $26.44 (thanks to my trusty Excel sheet, I could look up exact figures..haha!). Essentially, I had $0.88 to work with.

Add in the pennies and dime in my pocket and I had a whopping $1 to my name.

Enter PANIC.

This post is part of my Confessions of a PF Blogger series.  Other posts include:





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Freelancer; reformed spendaholic; risk taker; adventure seeker; world traveler; rose smeller; debt destroyer. My mission is to inspire others to live a healthy, balanced life one cent at a time.


Confessions of a PF Blogger: $1 to My Name13

  1. Wow! You have come so far. I think it's good to look back on these moments. I great reminder to never go there again. Can't wait to hear the rest.

  2. I'm new to this series. I'm going to have to take some time to catch up on it but from only this post I am loving it.You left me hanging off a cliff waiting for the next part. I'll hang on for a really long time so don't forget me here :)

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