February 2013 Goals

Monthly Financial Goals

This month’s goals are going to be much more conservative than last month’s simply because a big transition is around the corner for me (I hinted about it in my weekly update, and I’m close to being able to spill the beans publicly!). There’s a ton of income fluctuation this month so I may very well miss some of my financial goals, or I might smash them out of the park. Here’s to hoping for the latter!

Financial Goals:

  1. $600 to long-term savings
  2. $860 into retirement accounts
  3. $285 to student loan (last one left to pay off!)
  4. Limit variable spending to $500


Household Goals:

  1. Complete office renovation
  2. Cook 4 dinners/week
  3. Complete TV stand project
  4. Begin Pinterest bench project


Personal Goals:

  1. Run 3 times/week
  2. Get through the next 2 weeks with my sanity in tact
  3. Begin to plan my trips to Dubai and Kauai


Blog Goals:

  1. Increase Twitter Followers to 600
  2. Increase FB likes to 200
  3. Increase RSS subscribers to 250


What are your February goals?

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