Greetings from Chiang Mai!

As I type this, I’m sitting on the balcony of a coffee shop overlooking Rachadamnoen Road as a rain storm rolls in, listening to music and taking in the sights & sounds of the hustle & bustle below me. Suffice to say I’m feeling quite relaxed!

I mentioned in my post I typed while in Bali that in the past 2.5 weeks I’ve been in Fiji, Bali, New Zealand and Singapore. Now I’m in Chiang Mai, and I head back to Bangkok tomorrow. Even after such a short time, I feel as if I could write forever about what I’m seeing, hearing, and experiencing. This is truly a trip of a lifetime for me–although I feel like it’s already fueling future travel dreams!

Here are some of the best highlights from my travels thus far:

The Happy Homeowner Chiang Mai International Lantern Festival

Chiang Mai International Lantern Festival

The Happy Homeowner Chiang Mai International Lantern Festival 2

View from dinner in the Bali jungle

View from dinner in the Bali jungle

The Happy Homeowner En Route to Singapore

En route to Singapore

Merlion Park in Singapore

Merlion Park in Singapore

Sunset in Fiji

Sunset in Fiji

The Happy Homeowner Beachfront Villa in Fiji

View from my beachfront villa in Fiji


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Greetings from Chiang Mai!20

  1. I really enjoyed Chiang Mai – there is a really great food court near the Night Bazaar which will do two main meals, two entrees and four beers for under 300 baht! I'd also suggest heading out to Patara Elephant Farm – it's a sanctuary for elephants where you can look after an elephant for the day. Unlike many other elephant places, they've rescued the elephants and treat them really well – it's worth paying extra to avoid exploitation. Patara was one of the most expensive days I had in Thailand but definitely worth it.
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    • I LOVED the market and the food bazaars!!! I spent hours wandering through the Sunday market–I can tell why it's so famous! I did do an elephant excursion in Bali, so I left this off the list for Thailand. Although, I heard great things about the place you've mentioned; thanks for the heads up :)

    • It's been awesome so far! I definitely suggest that everyone travels as much as possible–especially in a RTW capacity–the culture shock is great but I'm fascinated by what I'm seeing/experiencing. And yes, the sunset in Fiji was EPIC! :)

    • Thanks, Pauline! There have been a few snafus and I'm spending way more than I should but I am loving this opportunity. No matter what happens, I will always look back on this fondly and with wild, happy excitement :)

    • Haha…thanks! As I mentioned above, all except the lantern photos were snapped with my iPhone–craziness! Can't wait to see what the big camera brings–I uploaded the first round and was so blown away by the lantern ones that I had to share :)

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