Saving Money on Electricity This Spring

Save Money on Electricity There are a lot of ways to save money on a daily basis but the best ones all involve something you use every day – electricity.

The electricity bills in the winter months can be very high. Due to the constant stormy clouds that hide the sun, there is not very much sunlight during these months. Having florescent lighting in your home during both the day and evening as the only option, causes the electricity bills to go through the roof. But as the spring approaches, you have a chance to give your wallet a break. There are some easy ways to help save you some money on your electric bill this spring.

Open Your Windows

Let the Sunlight In

Although it may be a little too chilly to go and spend time outside, it does not mean that you can’t enjoy the refreshing sunshine. You should start your day off by opening up your curtains. The sunlight that will shine through is going to save you money on electricity.

Take advantage of this natural lighting.

Thanks to the sun light, you won’t need any lights on until the evening time. Spring time also gives you an extra hour of sunlight after you spring forward, giving you an extra hour of light.

Spring Breezes

Over the winter months, it get hots and stuffy in your home. After all, it has been closed up since the fall. Your home could probably use a good airing out. So, during the spring why not let that fresh air in? Not only will it be great to get some fresh air in, but you’ll save on electricity. Instead of using electricity and turning on your fans and air conditioner, just open up some windows. Enjoy that fresh, crisp spring air.

Laundry Day

Using a dryer to dry your clothes can use up a lot of energy. You should take advantage of the beautiful spring breezes by line drying your clothes. It not only will save you money, but it is also environmentally friendly.

Some individuals do not like the idea of bringing their clean clothes outside. In this case, you can set up a line in your laundry room. The line is conveniently placed close to your washing machine for easy access. It will dry your clothes just like it would outside. It may also be more convenient for individuals who can not walk and carry a basket full of laundry.

Shop Around

Periodically, it is a great idea to look into different energy companies around you. Some energy companies fluctuate at times. You may find out that you could be saving money by switching to another company. There are some local websites like Shop Electricity Rates Texas ( that make it easy to look for your local electricity rates.

Letting the sunshine in, enjoy the breeze through your windows and line drying your clothes are great way to experience the spring time as much as possible. By incorporating these different tips into your every day life you will also be making your home more environmentally friendly. Not to mention, how much money you will save on your electricity bill by taking advantage of everything that spring has to offer.

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