How I’m Turning My Passions into Viable Sources of Income

Mountains! Anyone who knows me (or who has read this blog for a while) knows that I’m always looking for creative ways to add income streams. While I do hold a part-time job in addition to my full-time work responsibilities, I pride myself on finding fun, interesting ways to boost my bottom line.

In particular, I’m most interested in securing ways to make money from the activities and experiences I’m most passionate about. Here’s how I’m currently doing this with regards to a few key passions of mine:



On Sunday, I secured a contracted, part-time position with a local company that provides running tours of Boston. Essentially, I will be paired up with tourists/visitors as a tour guide. The really neat twist is that I’ll be conducting tours of the city while running.

While this certainly won’t be a way to bring in significant amounts of income due to my schedule constraints, it’s a fun, healthy way to meet people and show them my city. It’s a pretty sweet bonus that I’ll be paid $30/hour to do so!


Living a Healthy Lifestyle

For the past 8 months or so, I’ve been working in a very, very part-time capacity for Clif Bar. Basically, I get paid to attend various sports event expos and festivals, interact with fellow athletes, and give away free food. Another awesome bonus of this gig is that the company wants us to sample the goods ourselves, so I’m always heading home with boxes & boxes of product after each shift!

Recently, I was able to parlay the Clif gig into a position on the LUNA team, which has led to one of the best perks yet. In June, I’ll get to be part of the team attending the Wanderlust Festival in Vermont. The festival is a weekend filled with hiking, yoga, meditation, healthy living lectures, music, and food.Tickets range from $99 for a Sunday-only pass to $475 for the complete weekend.

The part that’s nearly too good to be true??  I’ll be headed up there for the entire weekend, compliments of LUNA. Not only do I just have to work one shift/day, but I also get to take full advantage of all festival amenities and classes, stay in a great hotel, and have all of my meals provided—for FREE. I’ll also be making the standard hourly wage during my shifts…  :)


Have you turned your passions into income streams? If so, which ones & how?


Photo credit: El Frito

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