March 2012 Re-cap

Aside from busting my miscellaneous spending (compliments of my crazy kitty and an auto-refill of my turnpike toll account), I’d say that this month was a great success! Instead of sending $580 extra to the mortgage, I chose to put it in savings because my refinancing will officially be going through (I hope to have the Clear to Close in April so that my May budget reflects the new payment amount).

Thanks to some extra blogging/writing income, I was also able to pay for my Chicago Marathon flight (~$170), MA state taxes ($84), and $117 in business expenses without touching savings. It also helps that this month was a 3-paycheck month!

Financial Goals:

  1. $1,200 into savings CHECK–Saved $1,580
  2. $800 into retirement accounts CHECK
  3. $600 saved for Ireland trip CHECK
  4. $580 extra to mortgage Goal modified due to refinancing–sent $200 extra
  5. $500 for crown molding projects CHECK
  6. $200 extra to student loans CHECK
  7. Limit variable spending to $500 Fail

Household Goals:

  1. Complete entryway decor project Fail
  2. Crown molding in master bedroom, dining room & kitchen Completed master bedroom

Personal Goals:

  1. Keep up with tailbone/back PT CHECK
  2. Run when able to CHECK
  3. Continue building business project portfolio CHECK

How was your March?
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